Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Halloween '09 Portfolio

I know, it's January and odd to post pictures from Halloween now, but I meant to share these back then. I actually forgot about them until finding today while sorting through some desktop files.

Last October, I remember losing a lot of decorating momentum in the final week before the 31st having the swine flu. Because I usually like to add things everyday to the yard leading to the big night, many of the things I hoped to include where put on hold. Sadly, two of my past favorite props remained in the garage unused, the Ghost Bride and the window Monster Eye. Both needed some fixes and TLC before setting up and ran out of time.

Although I was happy with the new props I made, overall I thought the yard didn't end up being very different from 2008. So because of that and just plain feeling really blah then I didn't bother trying to take exceptional photos of the final set up. In the days after, I thought I'd have fun with the photos I had taken and create a small portfolio in homage to one of my favorite magazines growing up, Famous Monsters. Click on pics to enlarge.

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