Tuesday, June 29, 2010

124 Days 'til Halloween: Franken-Switch (Part 4)

Finished the actual switch for the Franken-Switch. This is going to be a blast to paint and detail up. I went with the classic rocker switch style. It's big, theatrical and cartoony looking so it will seem dangerous and easily seen by the Trick or Treaters. It will also make a fun prop to actually use by my brother Ted if he wants to return and play the mad doctor again in October.

I played around with it's placement on the pillar and liked it at an angle. It seems more practical to use and interesting to look at rather than flat on the side as I had in the first doodles.  It's just loosely attached for now by a bent L bracket underneath. I'm still undecided whether or not to make permanently affixed or it's own standing prop.

Dark brooding will take place pondering this (as well as the final color scheme) in my lab tonight.

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