Monday, June 28, 2010

125 Days 'til Halloween: Franken-Switch (Part 3)

Here it is so far. My thoughts were to add the oversized on/off switch to the left of the clear dome on the column, but I like how this is looking without it. We'll see, the switch may become a separate freestanding piece.

The domes will have flickering lights inside. As of right now I'm planning to use a fluorescent light starter wired into an extension cord for the effect (which I already have). As usual, trying to keep it a low budget Halloween. In a perfect world I'd love to buy and use those tabletop lightning balls.

Many more details to add while I debate whether to finish it in a verdigris copper steampunk theme or stick with the silver retro-future look it's got going now. I'll break down what all the parts and pieces are in a later post.

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