Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Creative Inspiration: Big Movies on Regular TV

I know one day in the future folks will be very nostalgic for Tuesday DVD releases, but in my youth, just having a now antique VCR let alone owning a store bought film on VHS was luxury. During those years, it was a big deal when big movies aired on any of the regular big three networks even though they where a few years old by the time they did.

The ABC Sunday Night Movie was a "second coming" for beloved movies in those days. They where heavily promoted, starting from a few weeks before right up until the very last minute before air. There was a unique feeling of excitement caused by these network premiers that recent generations will never experience due to DVDs, BLU-RAYs, web downloads and the 1001 cable channels to choose from.

Below are some opening title clips from the Sunday Night Movie that feature a few of my favorite movies. The creative inspiration from these is very personal. They remind me of evenings when I'd sit in my room after the movie ended at 11pm, drawing or making stuff, pumped up and wide awake due to the "event" feel of it all until the wee hours of the morning.

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