Saturday, August 21, 2010

71 Days 'til Halloween: Monster Eye Evolution

Most ideas start with a sketch. The first incarnation of this prop was a smaller creature made in 1996 (I know I have a picture of, but still looking for). This doodle was well after that creation depicting the ideal version.

Halloween 2000. Pressed for time, I went with a clunky robotic looking neck.

Halloween 2004. A makeover which fell apart shortly before being finished. A pity because it was looking far closer to the original concept.

Halloween 2006. I went Great Stuff foam crazy. It was planned to be part of a larger radioactive dump idea with many more canisters strewn about, but never happened.

Halloween 2007. Dressed it up with ivy and placed in a garden pot. Actually turned out looking pretty good especially adding a few more potted plants around him.

Halloween 2008. Moved the monster eye idea into a window becoming a cool illusion that it follows you. For details on that, click here.

The eye took a break in 2009. Halloween 2010? I'm thinking about combining the original idea with the moving eye illusion version creating a new character. We shall see.

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