Friday, October 22, 2010

9 Days 'til Halloween: Welcome Patrick O'Treaty

Our new resident grave keeper, Patrick O'Treaty, started his first late shift tonight. He got busy right away digging up old friends to join the fun this Halloween.

Rains over the past few days (plus usual real world work) have held up the decorating. Thankfully it cleared up this afternoon and I was finally able to introduce Mr. O'Treaty to the neighborhood. The yard is nowhere near done, but it's going to be a fun week adding to and detailing. The tale of Patrick O'Treaty and his fiendish friends is still rolling around in my head. I hope to share this week along with some better pictures.

Although Patrick's journey from idea to completion was month's long, he probably would of only taken 2 or 3 good, focused and un-distracted days. To see his stages of prop making, click on these links: Day One, The Head 'O Pat, His Hands, Pat's Hat, Bone by Glued Bone, Lantern One, Lantern Two, Lantern Three, Pat's Pumpkin and Almost Done.

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