Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Relics

I created a new collection of curiosities as gifts to the family this Christmas. All were based on stories, movies or legends they liked as kids. Click on images to enlarge.

Boat Plank from the "MAX"
For my brother in law Paul. A weathered old plank from a small boat found on the shore of a wild island where some say "things" live. Circa 1963.

Keepsakes of "D. Gale"
For my sister Monica. An old box, circa 1900, containing odd pieces of yellow brick wrapped in blue gingham.

Pirate Edward Low's Flag
For my brother Ted Lowe. The tattered remains of the actual pirate flag flown by the infamous Captain Edward "Ned" Low.

Martian War Telegram
For my father.  A 1953 telegram sent to Gen. Mann in Santa Rosa CA. alerting him that "cylinders" have crashed all around the world. Dr. Clayton Forrester is also mentioned and to be retained for consultation.

Unicorn Horn
For my sister Megan. A rare unicorn fawn's first horn shed like "baby teeth" at 1000 years old before maturing.

Sankara Stone
For my brother in law Kirk. A fabled Sankara stone found by Prof. Henry Jones Jr.

Nanny Wanted Ad
For my Mom. A clipping from a 1910 London Times newspaper page featuring a "help wanted" ad for a nanny at 17 Cherry Tree Lane.

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