Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Voodoo Devin's Zombie Bile

Made this goofy prop with leftover slime saved as a souvenir from this season's Brainsurge. The other materials are a used soda bottle, a cork and an old Halloween cupcake topper that niece Devin gave me last year.

Actually Devin gave me the soda bottle as well last year, with a cute note to make something out of, but I never did. I kept safe though and will finally now find a place in my Halloween decor this October.

Thought it fun to call it Voodoo Devin's in thanks to her contributions to the prop. The slime as well has a bit of connection, Devin came to visit her old uncle at work and be in the audience for a taping of Brainsurge this year.

I designed the label to be intentionally less creepy and more lighthearted looking with an "old timey" grocery or pharmacy style. Feel free to use, but I'm keeping the slime recipe a closely guarded secret.

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