Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Raiders' 30th: Last Crusade Lighter Prop Coming Soon

Photo of the actual prop from the book "Star Wars to Indiana Jones: The Best of Lucasfilm Archives"

I think this month's Raiders celebration is the perfect time to turn a Zippo lighter I have into Indy's "lucky charm" seen in Last Crusade. It's a simple but recognizable prop. I've always wanted one, so why not make my own?

Technically it's Dr. Elsa Schneider's lighter. Indy borrowed it to light his way searching the dark Venice catacombs. Later, he had obviously pocketed it when Henry Sr. pulls it from Indy's jacket and attempts to burn the ropes holding them captive. Although Indy called it his "lucky charm" it proved far from when dropped to the floor and caught the whole room on fire.

My "how-to" for this project is coming soon.

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