Monday, June 20, 2011

Raiders' 30th: Three Little Indianas (and a Lunchbox)

A picture from the toy shelf. Left to right: Disneyland/world exclusive Indy, Lego Indy and a Hasbro Indy. Once upon a time I had the old Kenner Indy and the relatively little known LJN Temple of Doom Indy, but both were acquired back in '80s and have been lost over the years.

Here's a picture from Christmas '84 featuring the LJN figure I got as a stocking stuffer sitting on the coffee table. Also note your dorky blog host wearing his freshly unwrapped, sorta Indy-ish, panama hat. We had just moved to CA that August or September and if I remember right Mom wrote something on the tag like "For new adventures in Los Angeles".

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