Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Raiders of the Lost Blog-a-Thon Begins

As mentioned the other day, I'm dedicating this month of posts to celebrating Raider's 30th anniversary. If my blog banner art at the very top of this page never clued you in, I'm sort of an Indiana Jones fan.

The plan for my blog-a-thon will be 30 daily posts celebrating it's 30 years. Some posts will be nostalgic fanboy tales growing up. Some will spotlight the art and design of the movie (always a favorite topic here). Some will be inspired sketches or doodles of mine. Some just random cool or fun things I've found on the web. I may even make a themed prop or two. Overall, it will be smorgasbord of things, but hopefully fun to read. My web comic Para Abnormal is also celebrating with Indiana Jones themed cartoons all month.

In-between, I'll probably sneak in a few non Indiana Jones related posts about the stuff I usually blog about.

If you're blog, etc. is celebrating Raider's 30th as well in anyway, let me know via a comment. The more, the merrier the adventures. I'd love to read and add you to the sidebar link list (feel free to use the blog-a-thon logo I made on your site if you want, alternate version here).

Okay, I think it fitting this blog-a-thon begins with the original movie trailer, just to set the mood.

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