Saturday, August 13, 2011

79 Days 'til Halloween : Building a Better Cauldron - Part Two

The cauldron is done, ready to be placed on a fire pit and have Grool the zombie inside. I painted it as a stand alone prop for the moment. Once the entire display piece is done, I'll probably add some blackened scorching on the bottom and a few drips of stew running down the sides.

From where I last left off in Part One, It was sanded it down and base coated, inside and out, with flat black house paint ( I removed the rings temporarily so they could be painted separately ).

I decided to give the cauldron some "character" by notching out and denting areas of the lip - as if it's been heated and cooled too many times over the centuries. Then it was painted with the faux rust treatment I use on most of my props. Once dry I splattered on some watered down orange and brown for extra weathering.

I made a "how -to" demo video of my simple rusting method. It's really basic and good for beginners (and an alternative for more advanced prop makers who find themselves money and time constrained on a project).

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