Wednesday, October 19, 2011

12 Days 'til Halloween: Eddie Izzard

Okay, I'm sure your thinking... how is Eddie Izzard Halloween related? But bear with me.

As I've mentioned in numerous posts before, I'm an Eddie Izzard fan. So is the fiancee and as a gift for her birthday last week I was able to get tickets to his midnight show at the Largo/Coronet theater here in Los Angeles last night.

First he joked about it being a midnight show and how midnight, when you were younger, was the spooky and scary time of night when witches would come out. If you saw a witch you'd say...

"Look a witch! Is it that late already? What time is it?"

Later, he was joking about ninja-like sheep versus wolves. If you know his humor, a subject like that is not odd. Describing the ninja-sheep facing off against the wolves showed his horror movie loving side...

"They'd be lined up next to each other, silhouetted in a fog.
Like the pirates in the John Carpenter movie."

Here's a very funny clip from an older Izzard tour riffing on horror movies...

For the record, the quotes above are as best as I can remember them.

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