Sunday, October 9, 2011

22 Days 'til Halloween: A Sign Of The Monster

I started to decorate the yard this weekend and began with a warning sign on the tree for the neighbors. A detail to compliment the new Aurora model inspired gravestone and tease the monster's annual front porch appearance.

It was a simple Photoshop creation (11"x17") printed out in sections then spray glued to poster board. I cut it to size and curled the corners. I also cut out stylized torn edges giving it some character. It was aged with craft paint and black coffee. Once dry it was thickened and stiffened with several coats of clear acrylic (brush on).

The large hanging nail is made from foamcore and faux rust painted. It's not actually holding the sign up. It was glued to a another piece foamcore mounted on the back of the sign. Wire was then glued to the back and twisted around the tree trunk to hang.

Here's the original art if you want to print out and make your own sign (click to enlarge).

Here's a night shot. Everything on the lawn will lit in orange and amber this year as if illuminated by lanterns.

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