Sunday, October 23, 2011

8 Days 'til Halloween: One Robbery, One Attempted and Neil Patrick Harris

I was robbed today. Walked out to the lawn this afternoon and Michael Myers' mask was gone.

Michael's true face under the mask revealed.

Although it's a small theft, it really hurts because my display is for the whole neighborhood to enjoy. This selfish act ruins everyone's fun. Worse, no little kid did this as a child prank or dare. Only a grown up could reach it.

The old mask
I tried to get over it knowing stuff like this happens and headed over to a nearby Halloween store to get another mask. The place was packed and a real mess. Stuff thrown everywhere. I found a version of the mask I once had (which was cheap to begin with). I knew I'd pay through the nose shopping in this type of store, but nearly passed out seeing a price tag of $49.99.

I went ahead to the register, justifying the purchase as needed since Mike has become a traditional lawn presence. Plus I saw another person walk out with a mask they bought still on the foam head stand, so I'd at least get that thrown in. I was wrong.

The woman said the stand was an extra $3.99. That's when I began to steam. Both the mask and stand were pretty beat up and dirty already. Probably from being tried on and played with by hundreds of folks in the store over the past few weeks.

I snapped and just walked out. I was not going to be robbed twice in a day. I saw actor Neil Patrick Harris shopping in there and thought he was the only one who could afford their prices.

The sad new mask
I did find a sad, super cheap-o mask at Walgreens for $15.00. More within my budget but not as decent looking as the older one. Maybe I can fix it up somehow.

The morning started out great full of Halloween enthusiasm. Now I'm as depressed as my new Micheal Myers looks.

The conspiracy theorist in me thinks the crooked management at the Halloween store hires thugs to go around stealing lawn decorations they offer forcing folks like me to go buy new ones from them.

I gotta get the good mood back. I feel like taking the whole display down already out of bitterness. I won't of course.

Would it be odd if I spent the next 8 days living, eating and sleeping on the lawn protecting it?

UPDATE: I'm in a much better head space about this since I first posted... I'm just going to dress up as Donald Pleasence and spent my nights this week hunting for the mask's thief! 

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