Monday, August 18, 2014

Super Easy Coloring Station for Small Spaces

I love nothing more than repurposing something I already have or would otherwise throw away. Seriously, it's the ultimate win win.

Our playroom is undergoing some major redecorating (more on that later!) but I am so excited about this find that I have to share.  I've been working on a craft corner in one part of the room with a coloring station that was accessible but organized, and space is at a premium.  I just couldn't find the right thing, until I bought some new Circo crib sheets at Target (I had major coupons so the sheets were really cheap, another win). Totally unrelated to my playroom... until I opened them up and saw that they came in these awesome little bags.

Well hello! Totally cute, washable, with little hangers sewn in and velcro closures. This was EXACTLY what I needed for my coloring station!

Plenty of room for crayons, markers, pencils, whatever you need. I put a small piece of cardboard at the bottom of the bags to give them some shape. The cardboard the sheets were wrapped in was the perfect length, just needed to be cut to the right width.

I had already bought an awesome hanging basket for coloring books at Ikea. Can't go wrong for $4. I mounted it on the wall, and put the 2 sheet bags next to it (I used Command hooks for the sheet bags as I may move them down when I get art for this space).  So. Easy.

The room is still a major work in progress as I need art, labels, etc... but it looks like Monkey approves so far!

PS - no one paid me to use these products and I won't make any money if you buy them. :)

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