Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Feed the Pumpkin Halloween Activity for Toddlers

It is a rainy day today so we are in need of some quiet inside activities. My toddlers love to put things into boxes, and they are also really starting to get into Halloween, so this was a perfect combination of the two. And so easy, just a few materials that I had on hand. I always seem to have a million empty wipes boxes laying around just begging to be turned into toys. I picked up the foam pumpkin shape at the craft store this weekend for just $1.

My boys are having a ball "feeding" their pumpkin and hopefully it will help us pass the time until the sun comes back out!


Foam Pumpkin Shape (if you don't have one you could cut a pumpkin shape out of cardboard).

Empty baby wipes box (an empty tissue box would work, though it wouldn't be as sturdy).


Exacto Knife

Black Marker or Paint

Toy Food (or anything that your kids want to "feed" to the pumpkin!)


Remove the flip top from your wipes box. Center your pumpkin on the lid and trace a line where the opening is. This will make sure your mouth lines up to the opening.

Draw a mouth shape around your line and cut out with an exacto knife. Be careful!

Draw on eyes and a nose with black marker or paint. I found a black Sharpie worked perfectly.

Affix two strips of velcro to the top of your wipes box.

Stick the pumpkin to the velcro. Press firmly!

Voila! Your hungry pumpkin is ready to eat!

I got out our box of play food and my boys took to this activity right away. They loved "feeding" the pumpkin. It was a great activity for fine motor skills and discussing food, colors, etc. 

And when your pumpkin is full, you can just open the top, dump it out, and start again! If you use a tissue box, just pull the pumpkin off to empty.

Have fun and Happy Halloween!

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