Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fuzzy Belly Ghosts: Fun Halloween Craft

I picked up some great Halloween foam shapes today at the craft store (only $1 each!) and am trying to figure out what to do with them all. For some reason these cute little ghost shapes reminded me of the Pat the Bunny books that my kids love so much, so I thought hmmm... how about a little fuzzy belly ghost? It was really easy to make and they are having a ball with them! I think we'll take these on the road with us this week in our busy bags.

Here's what you need:

Ghost foam shape
Exacto knife
Clear contact paper
Mod Podge or craft glue
Googly eyes
Black felt
Cotton balls


Start with a foam ghost shape, or if you are more creative than me, cut out a ghost shape from craft foam.

Take your ghost foam shape and trace out a belly shape. I used the throw away tab from the top of a square tissue box, but a large circle will also do.

Cut out the belly shape with your exacto knife (be careful!).

Cut out a square of clear contact paper that covers the size of your belly cut out.

Peel and stick the contact paper onto the back of your ghost.  I recommend reinforcing the edges with tape.

Flip your ghost over and apply 2 googly eyes with mod podge or glue.  Cut out a small oval of black felt for the mouth and glue this on as well. Allow to dry.

That's it! Now your kids can have fun filling the ghost's belly with cotton balls. Mine had a blast filling it up, taking them off, and putting back on again. This is also a great addition to a busy bag!

Happy Halloween!

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