Wednesday, October 12, 2011

19 Days 'til Halloween: Meet the Herbs... Rosemary and Basil

No one really knows what happened to the former owners of our home... Rosemary and Basil Herb. They left the house abandoned. Just disappeared some say. Or did they?

Mrs. Scaryweather's garden is coming together with these new prop additions. They're also yesterday and today's Para Abnormal cartoons. Not sure which came first, the prop idea or the cartoon. Both hit me at the same time seeing a pile of random mannequin parts I have in my stash.

Since I've titled my haunt Para Abnormal also, it's fun to actually tie the comic and display together. Plus I'm still hoping to create a little comic book telling the backstory and give away as a treat to kids, so now I've got a page or two done.

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