"HULK" Sized Action Figure Playset DIY

Large Rectangle
Imagine this...

You're a kid, and the HULK is your favorite comic book. Then your favorite comic becomes a hit TV series you watch religiously. Then you grow up, and you're told at work you have to come up with a DIY project that not only has to be superhero themed, but something the HULK himself will be apart of.

Yes, that happened to me last week on Home and Family when Lou Ferrigno and Wizard World CEO John Macaluso were guests on the show.

L to R - Lou Ferrigno, The Abomination, John Macaluso.

The project idea sketch.

The finished project.

The DIY itself is pretty well explained in this clip below from the show, and in more detail on the Home and Family website HERE.

In case you're wondering, Lou may be the nicest person I've met. Ever. And one of the few I've ever felt really short standing next to.