Leprechaun Door For The Yard

Large Rectangle

Last December, I had way too much fun when niece Devin and I decorated her house for Christmas with the effort my place gets for Halloween. I decided then that there was no good reason other holidays shouldn't inspire yard decor prop making on my part.

For St. Pat's Day, I'm going to transform the base of our tree out front into a small leprechaun's house. Several of the props seen in my sketch above are in the works right now, and should be done by tomorrow or Saturday to display.  I'm taking plenty of process pics and will update soon.

One of my favorite things about Halloween decorating is seeing how much the whole neighborhood enjoys it. But this effort is for the kids... an unexpected, whimsical touch on the lawn in March that I hope brings a big Irish smile to their faces.

By the way, odds are pretty good this will be re-worked and become the Easter Bunny's house in a couple of weeks.