Leprechaun Lantern

Large Rectangle
The leprechaun door display will be done just in time for tomorrow. The door itself is still drying, but the lantern is finished and out front with the pot o' gold.

I decided it would be fun to have it sitting on top of something, as opposed to just being on the ground as in the sketch. I first started to make a large shamrock, but unfortunately I was rushing it and couldn't get it right. It just looked like a large tropical plant (there's always next year to try again). So I went with a smaller pile of gold coins.

The lantern is an old, tea light holding one from my stash. I decided since it had a pre made hole in the bottom (where the tea light holder unscrews) I could add a bright Christmas bulb in a faux candle to light up the display at night. I first took the lantern apart and painted.

The candle body was made from a cardboard tube and hot glue, then painted.

Next, I created the base by gluing gold coins into a pile, leaving an open space in the center so the light cord could pass through. Then the lantern base was glued on top, then the candle body on top of that. Finally, the lantern was reassembled.

Off to finish the door, more later.