While I Slacked, Others Created

Large Rectangle
Over the years I've shared numerous idea sketches for Halloween props that I've yet to make for my yard, but a few of them have been brought to life by others for their displays. I always hope my stuff is liked and maybe inspire, but seeing literal interpretations is beyond flattering.

Yard haunter Thomas Cass created my Sidewalk of Sinister Snares idea. He's posted details on Hauntforum.

Another Hauntforum member BeaconSamurai not only brought my British banker/butler like zombie sketch to life but actually made him animatronic tipping his bowler wearing skull.

Hauntspace forum member Jeremy Drach made a Kraken Xing sign inspired by one of my Para Abnormal cartoons for his fun Pirate themed Halloween yard. It perfectly complimented a great prop ship he created being overrun by tentacles.

Thank you guys, wonderful work all!