The Easter Bunny Moves In

Large Rectangle

Unfortunately, we had to evict the Leprechaun renting our tree space. There were too many complaints from the neighbors about his raucous, late night partying. I don't mind, my bank always made it a hassle depositing the ancient Celtic gold coins he paid in rent every month. 

Thankfully, a nice and quiet Easter bunny has moved in. 

The Easter display is not as elaborate as I had planned in the sketch. It's a simple revision of the Leprechaun door. The past few weeks were busier than expected, so I didn't get the time hoped for to work on it.

Like the St. Patrick's display, it was enjoyed. The neighborhood was full of families this weekend gathering together for Easter and Passover. The Easter bunny's house was visited by numerous smiling and curious kids. So much so, I've run out of super glue fixing the handle every other hour as they keep breaking it off trying to pull the door open.