The Halloween Display - 1995

Large Rectangle
I've been a lousy blogger lately. Lots of things taking up my time. One of those things has been the tedious task of sorting old boxes in the workroom hoard. I can't get ahead. For every one I organize, two more appear.

On the upside, I've been finding fun stuff I forgot I had, like these two Polaroids of my early Halloween yard decorating back in 1995. It was my second year after getting bitten by the haunt bug in '94.

What you see is pretty much the whole display. It's funny, I remember thinking it was so over the top and extreme then. Boy, I've come a long way since.

 Fun Useless Facts:

- The electric chair is the one I use in my display today. It and the coffin mummy were dressing created for the SCI FI BUZZ TV show set I designed in the early days of the SYFY Channel. The mummy is also still around, although in countless pieces in the garage somewhere. The coffin is sadly long gone.

- That "charcoaled" blucky skeleton was the first I ever bought (and poorly customized in 20 minutes) His parts have since been repurposed into numerous different zombie creations over the years.

- Yes, I carved those gravestones. And looking at them now... yes, I was probably drunk when I did.

- I found the CAUTION:RADIATION sign at a local hardware store in Burbank. There were right there next to the usual BEWARE OF DOG and FOR SALE signs. Only now do I think about it and wonder if that store had plenty in stock for a reason.