Cartoon Caption Contest! Win a Prize from Specter Studios!

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Write a caption or a word balloon or a thought balloon (or any combination of) for this cartoon of mine and you could win a baseball bat prop provided by Specter Studios!

The bat prize is one of Specter's many cool and realistic custom props made from soft foam and latex. It's perfect for a movie or theater production (or beating faux zombies with for your Halloween haunt).

The bat you could win!

The winner will also see the cartoon posted on my webcomic Para-Abnormal using their caption (with credit of course).

AND as a thank you just for playing, I'll e-mail EVERYONE who enters a hi-rez version of the cartoon with their caption added (if you submitted more than one, my choice which one).

Giveaway contest rules:

- Leave your caption to the above cartoon as a comment on this post

 -The deadline is 9AM pacific time (12PM eastern), next Wednesday June 27th

 - On Wednesday afternoon, all the captions will be posted and everyone will have 48 hours to vote for their favorite (you don't have to enter to vote). More details on the voting process then.

- Too keep it fun and challenging, using the "comment approval" feature, I'm not going to post any captions/comments entered until the contest deadline is up next week. Until then, so you know that your caption was received, I will update the comment box periodically with who has entered so far (and also answer any questions about the contest that might be asked).

- I hate to deny creative lightning bolts, so you can enter as many times as you wish should a new caption idea hit you later. More caption ideas might give you some advantage since they will be voted on. But do me a favor, don't go caption crazy, think before you comment, you have time... one, two or three really great jokes are better then a hundred bad ones.

- In the unlikely event (but could happen) that two or more contestants might coincidentally submit the same caption almost word for word, it will void that caption from consideration, but all captions will be posted to see (and you'll still get a cartoon from me).

- No anonymous comments please. All eligible entries must have at least some identifying name or handle attached.

- The baseball bat prize can only go to someone in the continental United States (sorry Hawaii and Alaska, that means you're out too).

- Keep the captions PG-13 rated (I try to run a fairly family friendly blog here).

- The prop baseball bat prize will be shipped to the winner directly from Specter Studios. You will need to e-mail me your contact info and address if you win, so I can pass on to them. Needless to say, but if you're a crazy hermit living in a woodland shack trying to stay off the grid, don't enter the contest.

To learn more about Specter Studios, visit (and like) their Facebook page  or visit their website.

That's it, tell a friend and most of all, have fun.