Halloween '12: Fiendish Flowers and Scary Shrubs

Large Rectangle
Okay look, I know that I wrote awhile back about not posting any Halloween project ideas this year that weren't well under way. That was stupid of me. Who am I kidding? Sharing my October ideas, sketches, and possible plans here has become addictive. It's fun, and I like doing it even when I know it's not good for me.

The big problem is, I post some ideas with impulsive promises and commitments to make happen by the 31st. I set myself up for failure and always look back on something and think "Why did I say I was definitely going to do that"? So, I'm still going to share Halloween yard ideas, but not describe any as definite plans.

Alright fresh start.

Anyway, this is what I'm definitely making this year.... awwww dammit Dave.

Nevermind, this is the fresh start. Definitely.

I've been doodling fiendish flowers and scary shrub ideas for the front yard. Thinking up any kind of monster plant that doesn't resemble Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors is almost impossible. But it's fun to try.

They'll be part of a small garden tended by old Mrs. Scaryweather, she's been missing for a couple of years now (broke and busted). I wanted to bring her back last October, as envisioned in the sketch below, but ran out of time. I'm hoping to actually create this scene in the corner of the front yard. If I'm able to make the faux pumpkin patch, it would be a nice to work in the pumpkin cart and scarecrow from last year as well.