Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sticky Eye Spider: A Halloween Fine Motor Skills Activity

Last weekend I found some awesome foam Halloween shapes at the craft store for only $1. We have had a blast making them into our Fuzzy Belly Ghosts and Feed the Pumpkin activities. The third one I bought was a spider shape and I think this may be our favorite activity of all. Sticky eye spiders made with velcro and googly eyes!  This was a fantastic fine motor activity for my toddlers, and a great way for them to work on spatial relations too. And it was fun!  Here's what we did...

First take a foam spider shape. Or if you can't find one you can cut a spider shape out of cardboard or foam.

Next add velcro to the center of your spider.

Then collect some googly eyes in various sizes (be cautious about small ones if your toddler puts things in his mouth. As always, supervise this activity if you are unsure).

Stick a small piece of velcro on the back of each eye.

Adhere the eyes to the velcro on the spider and you're done!

My toddlers were very intrigued by this project. One really liked to shake the spider and watch the eyes wiggle.  Then they began removing the eyes which proved to be an excellent fine motor exercise.

Once the eyes were all off they worked on putting them back. A great way to work on spatial relations as they figured out where they would stick and where they wouldn't, and also how to fit all the eyes on the velcro.

This turned out to be a perfect activity for after our day at the pumpkin patch, where we needed something quiet to wind down for the afternoon. They enjoyed it so much I think we might need to expand this one past Halloween and see what else we can stick our eyes to!

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